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Dior chooses Decoration Brahma launch campaign for its new fragrance ' Sauvage '
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Dior Sauvage Dior Sauvage

The Spanish company has worked with the team of Dior in the conceptualization and creation of the campaign presentation of male fragrance.

Madrid, September 30. The French brand Dior has again entrusted the Spanish company Brahma Decor design and creation of the launch campaign 'Sauvage', male first perfume created by the French house in ten years.

Worldwide officially launched in early September, the presentation has been throughout the country with presence in the airports of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca, Alicante and Malaga, among others.

To carry out this campaign, Brahma has worked closely with Dior, with whom he has been in constant dialogue has remained constant meetings and Marketing in Paris. The result has been the creation of a large 'universe Dior' in the main Spanish airports taking advantage of the return of the holiday.

In the same it was made two types of actions: An action of presence called 'Event Site' which highlights the main point of the store, and another in which spaces have been created different designed so that the client knows the fragrance and He remains 'trapped' by it.

Innovative campaign
The campaign developed for 'Sauvage' is, in the words of Nano Lopez and Kike Alabau, responsible for Brahma, " attractive and new elements for Dior" . The objective is to introduce the fragrance at Spanish airports has been achieved through a promotion in which all the elements have been carefully coordinated.

" The goal was to create a space 100% Dior but in which stand out the new product,"  explained from Brahma. " I think that both the Paris team like Madrid have achieved the desired result."  Proof of this is that in the first five days of the campaign, the perfume was number one in sales.

Johnny Depp , branding

Elements of the campaign , the presence of actor Johnny Depp as an image of perfume, embodying the rebellious spirit that does not forget its roots . The image of the artist is very much present in the furniture designed by Brahma, which also include various soil textures, the use of lacquer and steel and three-dimensional letters.

Similarly, the launch campaign at airports has been enhanced with events like the performance of the British singer Ben Montague , one of the most promising of today's pop music.

Technical sheet:

Name: Shoot- presentation of Dior ' Sauvage ' in airports.

Brand: Dior (LVMH Group ) .

Conceptualization and creation: Brahma Decoration

Scope: National , with locations , among others, in Palma de Mallorca , Barcelona, ​​Alicante , Malaga and Madrid.

Time: One month .

Diseño y programación: nimuyhechonipoco.es
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