Quality Certificates
Quality Certificates
Professional Team

For the realization of the projects and the scope of the optimum quality production, manufacture and assembly, Brahma Decoración has a highly qualified and specialized in each of the work areas (design, production, fabrication and erection) with multidisciplinary team of professionals over 10 years of experience.

Continuing education

The team understands that only Brahma Decoración ongoing training and analysis of new processes and materials is the way to always offer the best service to customers that is in constant process of expanding knowledge.

Nano López is a founder, managing director and the more rational part of Brahma Decoración. With zoom previous experience in the sector, Nano López has expanded its expertise forming and getting certified executive coach at the European School of Coaching that applies not only to your company by providing a more dynamic and modern management leadership, but also with customers seeking the confluence between what they think they need and what they really need.

Apart from your company, Nano López collaborates with other companies in forming people like Greenpeace or Save the Children and is immersed in a new project of entrepreneurship: Apply coaching teenagers, helping young parents through this process step or face insecurity or lack of confidence and SMEs offering customized training.

Nano López

Kike Alabau is a founding director productionand the creative mind of Brahma Decoración. Designs, conceptualizes and implements projects each brand . With great also previous experience in the sector is clear that manufacturing handmade and high quality materials are elemental to give a satisfactory and highly competitive service to the customer. Bet on the handmade furniture style of the century.

Continuously improving their knowledge of the latest advances in materials and new trends in decor that applies to all projects. Just launched a new service within Brahma Decoración which also collaborates actively partner Nano López: conceptualization, Design and manufacture of exclusive and original furniture for the home that are works of art by the advice from the perspective of coaching the analysis of real customer needs at home.

Kike Alabau
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